test and check stress.

by Emad
(Bahrain )

I am an airline pilot working in the middle east with a low cost airline. As everyone knows, pilots are tested every day and every flight, not only flying but also medically and proficiency checks every 6 months. I feel stressed and scared every time I do a test or a check.

I need a long term solution for this problem because it's affecting my career as a pilot. When I am under stress or scared due to negative thinking that I am going to fail, my blood pressure becomes so high I start doing things that I don't have to do, my lips start getting white substance, and I am full of fear that I am going to fail my test or simulator check.

Please is some one there that can help me.

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Negative thinking
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. When I read your message I saw that you have written what the cause of your problem is, possibly without even realising. Your negative thinking is causing all the stress and doubts that you have.

Have you failed a test or check so far? No? Then can you see that the stress and dreadful feelings you have are a total waste of your strength and energy, and not needed at all, particularly in the type of industry you are in.

Stop telling yourself you are going to fail, or you are scared, because when you do this you become terrified for no reason.

Start letting yourself know that you are healthy and well and will pass this test, because you know that you will. Much better to approach these problems with a positive attitude than a negative one.

As an airline pilot a positive attitude is essential, people depend on you and the decisions you make. You are obviously a very capable man and with the right positive attitude you can lessen the stress when you have your tests, simply by believing in your capabilities.

Always let your thoughts be positive, not only at test time, but throughout your life. You have much ability, know this, tell yourself this every day with words such as, "I am healthy and well" "I am a strong positive man" "I am the best I can be" "I love tests" (OK maybe that one will need some time to sink in!) but when you tell your sub conscious something often enough it will believe it. It cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth.

Feed your sub conscious nothing but strong positive messages for the rest of your life, and you will be this way for ever!

Take care,

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