suffuring is too much for me

by olorato modise

I am a lady of 36years of age, living in Africa.Life has been so bad for me for the past 32years.when i was 3and half years i had water burn that almost took my life, i was told that i was hospitalized for a very long time, but i made it at last.

My life never been peaceful since that incident my peers hated me because of the bad scares i had,but it didn't destroy me but strengthen me.academically a was not gifted, i struggled to pass my junior secondary school up to last year of my senior secondary, where i got a third class.that was when a night mare started,i went to do my national youth service.after that i tried to get a certificate course to start from somewhere that was to no avail, until i got a job as a clerk in a district council in on of the districts in my country ,the job was ok and very interesting,but my core workers hated me so much that i lost hope even more. things became worse each year that passed by,my life is hell.after many years i managed to get a diploma course , but it didn't improve my life in anyway, but it brought serious bad luck to my life.

My life is very stagnant, i have nothing at all, i cant even maintain my two girls, i have don't have a house, car, i am nothing and nobody, my marriage is having some problems, i have been working for 14 years but i have no promotion at all, now my health is also at stake i have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, protrusion of lower disc at my back, fibroid. I am always ill and always at the hospital.

I have lost hope in life, nothing has ever worked for me, indeed i am loser i have given up in life. if at all i have offended GOD in anyway i ask him to forgive from the deepest part of my broken heart

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A step forward
by: Anonymous

Oh, what a wonderful thing to hear that there are people out there who care about welfare of others. One step forward every day is what I am intending to do from now on. I have also taken a step to seek a professional help, I am now attending counseling. I also stand by the man at the throne of mercy to help me try to reason with my problems. I only rely on my God of another chance for healing,of my broken life.

suffering is too much for me.
by: Anonymous

You have not got this on your own, there are other people out there with the same problems that nothing seems to work for them.
If you look back on your life and work it out, something has happened to you that has set you back and is repeating itself year after year.

I did not have a happy working life, I found it hard to interact with other people and often felt isolated and useless. I have now found some peace and some purpose and been able to leave these feelings behind.
Have you thought of counselling. to see if you can go right back and find out what has set this off.

God is Love, He does not punish anyone and we have all got our life from Him. We have to work to find perfection. Take time to go aside and see if you can find a place where you can find some peace. in a church or a quiet and peaceful place. I will send out some prayers for you.

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