Stress from school

by Rachel

It takes me longer than most people to study for my classes. I have a difficult time taking tests because I freak out and either double guess myself or forget information as soon as the test is put in front of me.

I'm beginning to question whether I have a disability because certain subjects I don't process very well. People say I'm smart but my academic performance makes me feel stupid at times.

I know that I'm good at applying knowledge to my life once I understand it but certain subjects I know I don't understand the information but I don't know what I don't understand.

In the process of trying to make my assignments perfect, I sometimes do the opposite. I don't know what to tell myself about my academic performance, it frustrates me.

I have a 2.71 college gpa but I've convinced myself that anything below a C is bad. I have to spend twice to 4 times the amount of time studying as one of my brothers.

When I took Chemistry, I studied for 4 or more hours after each class and got a D.

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by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. I have read your message and have come to the conclusion that you are like most young people who strive to be perfect but in their own eyes feel failure because of not doing as well as they hoped.

Because you get a D in a subject does not make you a failure. I feel you are an intelligent girl who is trying to be perfect in what you do. I will give you the advice I gave my own children and that is to try your best. When you try your best it is always good enough.

When you get lower marks than you wanted, don't stress out, tell yourself quite firmly "I will do better next time" and then let your frustration and disappointment go. Telling yourself this will give you inner strength, and give a confident feeling.

You say that you have convinced yourself that anything below a C is bad, and so you must see that it is possible to program your mind. Why not program your mind in some other way, such as telling it "I am a very capable person" "I enjoy tests" "I succeed in everything I do."

Studying for four hours is far too long, your brain probably didn't process and remember anything after the first hour.

I understand when you say you need to have things clear in your mind otherwise you remain confused, I too am like that. I can only say, ask people again, and again, if necessary, until you have things straight in your mind. Spend time in the library reading about what it is that is confusing you if this is possible.

I know of a young man who was nervous in tests. He had been given a travel clock as a gift by his Grandma. His Grandma had died shortly after giving him the clock. Even though this clock no longer worked he took it with him and stood it open on his desk during each test. He passed these tests and he said that the clock gave him the confidence inside to stay calm and do his best.

Do you have something that brings you luck, or makes you feel good about yourself? It doesn't have to be anything big. Do you like gemstones? Maybe a gemstone you can hold in your hand or put in your pocket might be what you need to boost the inner you and give you confidence to know that you can, and will, do well in everything you do.

I am sure you do not have a disability, just decide that your best is always good enough. To always do your best and be the best you can is my advice to you.

Good luck, believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.


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