by Vigneswar

Hi am Vigneswar, am 29 years old and am practicing as an advocate. My one and only problem is stammering. I have it right from the age of 3. Because of this stammering am not able to argue my case and satisfy my client even though i have a good case.

Before I start to speak my subconscious mind begins to calculate the words I am going to speak and in those how many of them are going to make me stammer.

When I speak to myself I don't have such trouble. If I feel that someone is listening to my speech then I start to stammer.

Can anyone give me a proper solution so that it may be useful for my career and to enlighten my future...

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by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. From what you have said it seems that your stammering is caused by the fear you have of stammering. You believe you will stammer, even work out which words will trip you up, and of course they do.

It would be easy for me to say stop worrying, change your thoughts and believe that you never stammer, but of course the reality is this would not be easy to do. Have you seen a professional person in relation to this problem?

There is a relatively new website in India that has useful information for those who stammer, they have articles and forums where you will be able to gain encouragement from others who also stammer. I recommend that you take a look and contact the people on this website who I am certain can give you the help you need. The website is

I wish you luck and am sure that when you gain that much needed confidence in yourself you will be rid of the stammering.

Good luck

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