(Pamona CA.)

Every day I watch and wait

time goes by when you take time to notice
I look up at the sky and feel as if something is different
I once noticed that no one ever looks up
day by day I see, I hear, I feel, I experience new emotions in me,like if I was never human to begin with
I was scared for a long time
I realised something when I was little, that after school, college and a life on my own would be scary and that sooner or later I was going to die
What I notice more is that this question always lurked in my head
"What was my purpose here"

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by: Anonymous

I believe that we are all born on this earth with a purpose regardless of how big or small we are. Some of us attain greatness, most of us contribute in our own little way. Even the grossly disabled or seriously ill have a place in life to teach people how to care for and about them.

I watch Attitude on Sunday morning a programme about disabled people who have overcome great odds and done marvellous things. I feel very humble when I think that in spite of the problems I have faced myself that at least I have been able to get around and to live a full life.
Their families and the people who have helped them have also benefited and learned from the lessons these disabled ones have taught them.
Looking up at the sky one is reminded of the endless universe out there and the marvels out there as well as the nature and life around us here.

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