by Denise Aguilar

I've thought a lot and never have I told any one of who I really am. I told one person before but all she thought was that it was about school and homework.

It's hard to open up to others knowing that they don't think like you. So I decided that I'll just be what they'd expect me to be. I don't like it one bit and I am coming close to the point where I cant hold it in anymore. It's scarey, but I keep thinking I'll feel relieved when it happens. To make sure I don't think about it I listen to music of all kind to go with my mood each day. I'll feel lost some times, I don't know if this a good thing to do but it feels alright.

I just wish there was some one just like me who can help me and I can help them, then after I think everything will be ok.

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To Someone
by: Anonymous

Its pretty hard to try and act like other people. And often it comes over as contrived. Take it from me, there is only one person you can be, and that's you! A lot of people nowadays live fast, and are not interested in stopping for a moment, and looking in on themselves. It's quite a journey, finding the real you. It's a very valuable experience, so don't discard it.
Being a popular personality today seems more important than being a real one. I have known a few people, that have these 'Fantastic' personalities, and you know what? Underneath all this veneer they are really an empty shell. Just be yourself, don't take anything personally . After all, we live on a planet with many different personalities, and would'nt it be boring if everyone were the same?

Share it
by: Anonymous

Hi,You sound isolated and lonely. Why not take that first,step and open up to someone. Let us share it and support you.
Are you an Introvert? Nothing wrong with that. Are you a shy kind of person? Its pretty hard to keep everything inside. It can make you feel depressed and on your own. Once you start talking to someone, or just explain it on this website, you will feel much better. Its just that first step thats so hard.
And you will be surprised at how many others have possibly got the same problems as you. I think you need to unburden yourself,but its up to you,good luck

by: Anonymous

We are all individuals with our own life paths, we are not clones. You cannot expect to get on with all other people or see the way they do about life.
You have a right to be what you want to be without criticism, you would not like to be the same as someone else.
We all have our dreams and our aspirations, they may not come to anything or we may be diverted to some other pathway.
If you do not fit into the pattern of a group of other people, you find a group that you will feel at home with. You do not have to work in a way that your acquaintances do. You may not even have a regular job and you may work at doing odd work for people to pay your bills or you may be an artist, into music or be a wanderer,
It is individuality that gives colour to life.

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