Solution through Islam for all problems in life

by Jubair Khan

Now a days people have so many problems from health to family, its really stressful and highly impacts your health. Main thing all human beings want is "Happiness and Peace". Before I go on, yes I will tell you this article is solely based upon Islam (submission to Allah (God) to attain peace and happiness) and its really up to my dear reader to continue if they like, which I will strongly suggest. Lets begin....

A man came up to a very famous Muslim Saint Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani a great friend of God (Allah). The man was very rich yet still very miserable with his life because he was trying always to earn more money and become richer but never found peace in his heart. He discussed his problem with the saint, where the saint replied to him "Although I am not rich, I thank God (Allah) for whatever He gave me, as a result I am content with what I have and find peace in my life and in my heart, and I do not run towards money to acquire happiness rather I find satisfaction remembering God (Allah)". Note: the saint did not mean that he did not earn his livelihood, he worked to earn money, but did not make money the goal of his life. The whole point of this story is whether its our financial problem, health problem, family problem, child problem (kids dont listen to parents), we humans are filled with problems in our lives and as a result we lose "happiness and peace" which is what we all want. Therefore we go to saints like the man above, mosque, church, holy places, shrines, doctors to share our problems to get "peace and happiness" and stress out. Now the whole point of this is to show you my dear reader that peace and happiness can be achieved easily by reading Quran and remembering God (Allah) as Allah has promised in his own words in Quran: "Those who believe, and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah! " Behold in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction." (Quran, Chapter 13, verse 28).

Do you wonder in the first place why you have so many problems? Just suppose there was a perfect human being with no problems in life. My question to you is, if he has no problems in life then will he go and find the people I have mentioned above to share his problems? Or most importantly will he ever try to find God? No, because this is the whole point of life to worship Allah (God). Allah has made it clear in Quran "Did you think that We had created you in play (without any purpose), and that you would not be brought back to Us?" (Quran, Chapter 23, verse 115). In another place "I have only created jinns and men,that they may worship Me (alone)." (HOLY QUR’AN 51:56). Once a person starts to worship Allah (GOD) and acknowledges he/she is weak and needs God, he will understand the true meaning of his life, and therefore correct his mistakes and sins he has committed and lead a peaceful life in which he prospers in this world and in the hereafter. Basically he has submitted his life in the hands of God and has declared himself to be weak and asked God to help him, because God (Allah) Himself is his or hers creator.

You might be wondering but Muslims are evil and this and that, they kill people (apparently those people are not Muslims they are terrorist who are brainwashed and have no religion whatsoever), and my answer to you is: "this is not true rather a load of garbage which the media has tried their best to insert into a average person's mind to keep them away from Islam". They want you to suffer by telling you its perfectly okay to sin and lead a life of your choice and not a life which Allah (God) has made for you, and I know many people like us we find it wrong in our hearts when we commit sins, but we are so obsessed by media setting standards in our society we forget about what is right and wrong, what does Allah (God) really want from us. And due to our ignorance and constant sinning so much in our life, Allah (God) sets punishment upon us so that we may realize our misdeeds and return to Him. My best reply to you is to research Islam and its true teachings by learning it by an authentic Scholar and see what Islam really it is rather then what you see in Television. Go to mosque, call them, ask them set up an appointment because that is their job to help you. All these attacks on this beautiful religion are done to harm it and harm us humans, the media, government will never ever want you to find the true meaning of life which is to submit to God (Allah) and submitting to Him you will find peace, remembering God (Allah) you will find peace, correcting your mistakes and your sinful lifestyle will give you peace, and most importantly you will definitely see a dramatic change in your life by following this religion making sure to keep in touch and learning it from an authentic scholar. Many of the problems which you may have will be gone, God Willing, and its a personal experience you will find a lot of success in life. If you feel to share do so, this article is free, and remember this pain and punishment in this world is just a small spark of what is about to come after death, there will be no help once you are inside the dark grave screaming for help no one will know, time will pass people will forget you, kids? ha! they will forget you soon enough with their own problems. I rather say that punishment in this world due to problems and pain and suffering is better than after death because it gives us a chance to correct our mistakes and sinful lifestyle, whereas when a person is death its over, there is no second chance. Act now, please, do not delay, life is very short and there are many distractions to keep us away from remembering God (Allah), the true meaning of life, and most of all majority of us have forgot we have to die someday and answer to God as to what we did with our lives.

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Job & daughter's health
by: Xyz

I am searching for a job for 2 yrs. My daughter has to be treated in US as she has a problem in her brain. For that I need money. I am trying my level best to get a job, I came to Dubai for a job but in vain. I don't know why Allah is not supporting me even though I regularly pray and ask for it.

What should I do to get a job? Please advise what I should recite?

My true love
by: Anonymous

I was in a relationship with a boy for 1 year. He was very innocent, religious a nice person. He loved me a lot. Sometimes he wanted to spend some time with me but I couldn't give him time. Everytime what he expect from me unintentionally I had done its opposite, but he loved me insanely. I don't know why one day he told me its better to bear pain now than future. I was just shocked!! Then he didn't contact me for the last 5 months. I have tried several times to contect with him but each and every time I failed. He keeps my information from my friend but doesn't connect with me. Some of my friends say that he has been cheating me, but I don't know why, my heart won't believe their words. I feel that Allah is testing me and my love. I say tahazuud salath at night and pray to allah to give my love back to me. What should I do to satisfy allah and apolozise to him for my misdeeds?? please give me a suggesition.


I truly sorry for your situation. I feel your boyfriend no longer wants a relationship with you and as hard as it is you have to let him go.

He was very sensible ending the relationship that he no longer enjoyed. Imagine if it had gone on for another year before he spoke his truth, you would have been even more heartbroken if this is possible.

I feel it's time for you to put yourself first and move on with your life. Go out with your friends, go places where you can make new friends, bring happiness back into your life.

He has moved on and is doing his own thing. He is not cheating on you because he is going out with other girls, he has told you he no longer wants to be in a relationship with you. As hard as it is the time is also right for you to move forward without him and find happiness.

There will be more love in your life when you allow yourself to meet others again.

Good luck, be strong, be kind to yourself.


by: Anonymous

I am in a relationship with a boy from 1 year. And we are extremely close to each other.we are family friends actually and we are deeply in love and can't leave without each other and therefore we decided to marry but the many problem is our parents are not ready to accept us because that boy is 5 years younger than me. So,what am i suppose to do now?

love life
by: umeed

i am going through a tough situation... life seems like hell..someone whom i used to be very close left makes me feel i am rejected and cant imagine my life with out him.. please i need help please tell me how to forget him and how to move on ..and how to make my life beautiful again with out him ...please help me..

Muslim to Christian
by: Lauren

I have written on this blog several times over the past 18 months or so. I write about Jesus. I write to tell all Muslims that we... you and I are Gods children. The only thing that separates us is Jesus. He is God's Son. He does not want you to worship Him. He is to be honored as God's Son. God is the only one to worship and Jesus said this Himself. BUT without acknowledging Jesus as the Son of God.. there is no way to heaven. It is the desire of true Christians to see everyone in heaven. To be Christian means to be Christ-like. To love all people. Jesus said our burdens would be 'light' when we come to Him. He eases our struggles in this life. I don't live by a ton of rules. I wake up and thank God for a new day. I talk to Him ALL DAY. I thank Him and chat to Him like He is my closest friend. I thank God for Jesus. I talk to Jesus through out the day. I cannot tell you how wonderful the Holy Spirits presence is.

My wish is for everyone to feel this kind of love and know they need do NOTHING for it but acknowledge Jesus as the Son and Savior of your sins. Once you say that... you are forgiven. Period.
By the way, my new church has a Pastor who was born Muslim. He was a devote Muslim all his life. He denied Jesus until God showed him Jesus to be His Son. He could no longer deny and had a difficult time as you can imagine from his family. They now also (although it took years later) have come to Christ.

My prayer is that you soften your heart and open your eyes and ears and listen to the voice of God. Ask Him to show you proof of Jesus as His son. I bet He will. If He knows you want to know. He will show you. God Bless You.

life is Allah tests
by: medddd

I think remembering the bigger picture helps - that this life is just a test and a blink in an eye in comparison to whats to come. This is all just an illusion and what matters is how we react to our circumstances... tough times reminds us of the need for patience.

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger - tough times is a way Allah tests those who believe to see if they really do and to improve their characters. For those who don't believe, maybe it is a way of making them reflect and think 'there must be more to it than this'. Their struggles are also a reminder to those who believe that we should help our brothers and sisters - both inside and outside the Ummah.

Praying regular namaz definitely helps in this respect as it helps remind us five times a day that there is more to it than this and helps us not get so caught up in the everyday. I would also say that Islam holds family and relationships in high esteem and that depression can be eased with a strong support system around you. Hope this helps inshallah. 10x

Reply to Terrorism -Not sure why you titled it that.
by: Annonymous

Hello, I may misunderstand but I think you feel that the stereotype being attached to Muslims is created by non-muslims. To a degree that may be so, but that is common in every area and perception in life.
You mention "non-muslim activities" being drinking and vile displays by women, gambling and so on. These are also "non-christian activities". So is it correct to say there is a stereotype for the non-muslim as well by Muslims??
I believe there are radicals on either side. They are closed minded and not looking for the Truth only trying to prove that they are right in their way of worship/living/beliefs/ etc.
Please Read -The End Of Religion by Bruxy Cavey.
The Truth is not for you nor I to decide. Christ did not allow himself to endure such torture just so He could go down into history as a great man. While He was here among us, He clearly taught us we cannot make "ourselves pure" enough in Gods eyes. We cannot through good deeds find a way to Heaven.
You say......"We, Muslims, can play a great role in clearing the marred image of Islam in the western society by closely sticking to the principals of Islam, by trying to make ourselves pure and by fearing the presence and justice of Allah Almighty.....
A very wealthy and good man asked Jesus how to go to heaven. Jesus told him to give up all he had and follow Him, and the man said no.....It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Gods Kingdom. Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again." ...He wishes not that we give up our belongings, just that we make God first in our life. And love is the greatest of all commandments. To love each other. So you see, true Christianity as Jesus would have it is peaceful and loving and full of respect for each other. We cannot Make ouselves pure. Only He can free us from the sins we commit so we can enjoy this life and learn what we must to prepare for His Kingdom.
By the way, I do not "fear" God. I truly love it when He showers me with His presence. I cannot stop the tears from he overwhelming feeling of Love and knowing I am far from worthy of such Love and Grace. I am truly humbled by His presence and consider it the greatest gift I will ever receive in this life.
Respectfully Yours,
God Bless.

by: Anonymous

Hello again Syed,
I want to apologize as well as I did not know how to get back on this site and see you wrote in Feb. That was a long time ago. I now have saved this link to make it easier to access.
God Bless.


Hello Syed Fazlulla, I believe we are One in The Lord. You a Muslim, me a Christian. Still in Gods eyes - we are One. Satan tries to blind us. "Religions" are also a way for us to stay so busy in our ritualistic ways as to not allow God to be God in our lives and have Peace. God's son is the only part of the equation that separates you and I really. Some Christians also have specific prayers and practices they feel they must follow in order to find Gods grace but Jesus came to END these man made practices. God does not care about our "rules" He wants a personal relationship with you and the same with me. Jesus was God coming in the flesh to walk among us. How can we think God can not be man? God can be anything He chooses. He walked among us and once He took our vile sins to the cross-we became free to be with Him. Easy, and peacefully and without ritual. When Jesus died, the curtain that divided the public from the presence of God in the Tabernacle (and was guarded by a Roman Soldier) tore apart from top to bottom where there was no seam. God took away the division of us from Him upon Jesus dying. God Wants to walk with you. His Holy Spirit will hold you and love you with such amazing love that you will not want to move when you experience it. The book I mention is one for ALL Religions but is the story of WHY Jesus (who is a Prophet to you) came to walk among us. He came to end all our 'must do's" so we can be free to love each other and enjoy the life we have here. Life is hard enough. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I have guidance each day from the Holy Spirit and need only be silent and let Him be near me. His love gives me strength to endure each day. Jesus is my backbone and allows my worst days to end in a peaceful rest. Check out the book 'The End of Religion' by Bruxy Cavey. If you only read the Preface (when you are in the store) titled A REST FROM RELIGION - I doubt you will put the book down.:-) I would love to hear your thoughts too. God Bless.

by: rabea saeed

Sir you are right in pointing out that terrorism is but a propaganda against Islam, however one thing none of us is sure about is that who is the originator of this propaganda as there are various objects to be blamed. Besides the propaganda there is another reason for the present view of Islam held by non-muslim nations and people- un-islamic activities and way of life of the muslims themselves. Normally when we talk about un-islamic activities we talk about drinking, veil by women and so on. But there are deeper concerns then these; concerns affecting the society as a whole such as gambling, unfair dealing, jealousy, hatred, racial and ethnic bias etc. We, Muslims, can play a great role in clearing the marred image of Islam in the western society by closely sticking to the principals of Islam, by trying to make ourselves pure and by fearing the presence and justice of Allah Almighty. Furthermore, we need to adopt moderation; neither we need to go to the extreme point of view of following Islam nor we need to completely shun it. In the first, case fulfilling of duties of our religion will not be out of love and affection of Allah Almighty and his Prophet(S.A.W), rather we will be subjects of psychological disruption, namely self-extremism. In the second case, we will forget our roots and identity along with being deprived of Allah Almighty's mercy( without which we can achieve nothing).

by: syed fazlulla

Asalmuallikum sir I belongs to a Muslim family. I have lot of issues in my life that I cant understand. Is this how to solve these problems? Because of these problems I cant do Sala. I cant follow the Islamic way. Please guide me in the proper way.

Islam or Jesus
by: Anonymous

You are a very good person. I am a Christian and aside from Jesus you and I are of like mind. I have no "Religion" - just Jesus. There is but one God. He came in the form of man to take away our sin. We cannot be God but God can come in any form. You and I come from the same father - Abraham. God blessed both sons with a multitude of many.

My question is - If God did come to earth to be with us in the form of man so he could give us a way home and we don't believe, will God just welcome unbelievers into His home when He gave of Himself through Jesus to save us?

Also, I know you believe Jesus was a prophet. Prophets do not lie Jesus said He was God. Was He lying? Is that a good Prophet? How could He then be a "good man" let alone a Prophet?
Read the book-END OF RELIGION

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