Sleeping 2 Days Straight, Negative, Have Nothing to Get Up For...

by Gina

I have been diagnosed with depression.

I find myself sleeping 2 days straight (I wake up but figure there is nothing to get up for).

I have 2 dogs, and they are good and kind but lately they make me so nervous.

I am all alone, have no friends, my husband is always working.

My grown sons have no room in their lives for me.

My older sister hates me.

I sometimes go for weeks without showering.

I am unhappy in my marriage but am afraid at 58 to leave him, as no one will want me in my depressed state, and afraid to be alone. I am stuck...

I have tried to get jobs, but quit after a couple of days.

What is wrong with me?

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by: Anonymous

Your story is compelling and relatable. I don't think anything is wrong with you, but I do think the weight of your situation is bearing down on you and you are realizing it, either for the first time or else this is one of many.

Pain and sadness are the hardest and most confusing things that we, as human beings, have to confront in our lives. It often is so complex that we cannot go it alone. It embodies so many aspects of our lives (past and future) that trying to figure it out all at once is impossible.

From personal experience I can tell you that confronting something so big is difficult and a daily struggle. I like to confront my issues with art. Painting is a great way because it allows you to place an entire thought into one visual image. Also writing. Keeping a journal or writing poetry, maybe even trying to represent your problems through a short story. I think that if you place your focus on figuring out the root of your feelings instead of constantly reinforcing your ideas of being stuck you will find happiness within yourself and thus, a new sort of happiness and accomplishment within your situation. I don't know if this will help you, but according to your post it sounds like your desperate for some relief. Its worth a try and good luck. and remember there are always people who care.

sleeping two days straight.
by: Anonymous

I think that it is time that you sought some medical help as you cannot go on like this. Your family seem not be able to realise that you are in trouble and you must do something to get yourself out of this.
Depression is real and not easy to deal with, some medication might make a difference to you being able to cope a lot better. Have you family outside your own family, would they give you support and assistance that you need.
You do not have to go on with this. There are also support groups you could get in touch with and people who have been there and done that.

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