Sister and family arguements of coflict and I get so nervous or frustrated about that

by Scott wardle
(Clearfield Utah USA )

My sisters try and argue about things that are not worth arguing about and sometimes they conflict which leads to a fight even sometimes to the family whether their right or wrong about something and continually argue it just leads to madness not knowing to handle the situation.They worry about the littlest like you got some ham and I want mine the same as yours big or bigger and they will try to find truthful facts and tell us or blame us of that thing and try to win a conversation as well as my parents and sometimes they might get mad they might call each other a name or they also might not help work with the family around the house as much and they try and find fault if necessary and say like their right told you so or burn!

Also they get too greedy on somethings if it something they want or like very much about something and sometimes they'll give me a hard time and make faces goof off and start to annoy I'm trying to tell them to stop but sometimes they won't stop stand I get frustrated because then I'm afraid then they'll take it seriously and start to argue and get mad. Also they are just one stubborn and or ignorant and lazy and make excuses not doing something and they'll do somethings they know they shouldn't do such as bringing food to the living room when we have clean new floor that cannot get dirty by food or drink.

When we are in a conversation one of us will be talking to each other and the other one will try and interrupt the conversation and sometimes one person will try and talk to me when I'm talking to someone already and so I have to ignore that person that's trying to talking to me while talking to someone else and I'm trying to ignore my sisters whistling and trying keep her out of trouble and I don't know how to keep her out of trouble and have her doing the things she knows she should be doing sometimes she'll either talk behind people's back and she will try to say thing to get people mad and they'll try to think and come conclusions that will trouble and do things to annoy they try to blame others for something and find fault and get my parents mad and they can get inpatient with people and also get caught unprepared at times of stuff and sometimes they'll. take some stuff that's ours use it without permission suggesting that were not using it at the time and it's for a quick second and its really ridiculous that they do not know how to work things out together and their unorganized people coming their own conclusions with their own set of mind and hobbies of habits of things going on and they'll try to prove a right over a wrong when some else is saying the right things they need to get rid of pride jealousy envy over come evil with good and not overcome evil with bad and they'll always talk about things of conflict will never end no matter what it is no matter what where when and why and can deal with this matter?

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