Shy with people and have low confidence and low self esteem

I am really shy sometimes when talking with people and I feel inferior in front of other people. I have very low confidence... and even though I work in an adult shop I am still very shy... I don't have any dress up style.

I don't know what to do. This has always been a problem since my childhood. I am really shy with girls and I've never ever had a girlfriend in my life. I am currently 20...

Please give me any advice I really want to be confident..

It's not that I am ugly I know I look all right but still I feel inferior etc. in front of other people..


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Low self confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. The problems you have are caused by the thoughts you have about yourself. You feel inferior because you believe you are, you feel shy because you believe you are. What you have thought about yourself right from childhood has come true.

To become more confident and to stop you feeling inferior you have to change how you feel inside. You do this by changing the thoughts you have. Basically start talking to yourself and saying over and over again how confident you are and that you have faith in your ability.

As you are so shy I suggest that instead of trying to think what to say to people start asking people about themselves. People like talking about themselves, and it's much easier to become a listener rather than trying to think of things to talk about. Ask how they are, what they enjoy doing, what work do they do, anything that requires them to speak. Of course replying to them will, in time, encourage you to say more.

This works for girls too! Become interested in them as people, and get them to talk about themselves, they will appreciate the fact that you are interested in them and what they do.

Almost everyone likes a listener!

Wear clothes because you feel good in them, not because someone else wears them and they look good. Always be true to yourself. Don't do things because others expect you to, do things because you choose to. In everything you do you have a choice. Choose to be positive, if you want to of course, and change how you are into how you want to be.

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