share your thought

by s balakrishnan
(mumbai , India)

Everyone likes to share their thoughts. However when you share your thought what benefit the other person derives is of utmost importance than telling your sob stories to everyone. Many times people listen to your sob story out of respect for you some get a message from it some get frightened some look at it negatively. How to turn a negative event and put it before children to yield positive results.

My father has done his graduation with great difficulty passing each year from a different university. He wanted all of us to be graduates he would often say. He once told us a story how he had gone to Ranchi to face one exam. He is going on the eve of the exam and there was no place for him to live and study. All lodgings were full because there was some political meeting and so he had to stay in a bungalow very far away from the university campus. This bungalow was amidst trees which lead to a jungle. He says whole night he could not study because he would bolt the windows but the windows would open because the wind was so fierce. He could hear voices of someone running and children playing and so on and so forth.

He waited till morning and asked the person who showed him this house what was the reason for such sounds whether people lived there. He said it was a house which was haunted and since there was no place available he had showed my father this house. Next day the meeting was over and my father shifted to a decent lodge.

The moral of the story is if we don't study properly we will have to go around hunting for a place to study and face miserable consequences

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