Severe Lack of self-confidence

by kim

I have no idea how or why but I can't seem to figure out how to regain my self confidence. I'm 54 and can't find a job either. I was a waitress for most of my life and can't do that kind of work anymore but have found it impossible to get any other kind of work.

My husband (of 10 years) tells me all the time that I 'need' him to take care of me. I never had anyone to take care of me, not even growing up. I was my divorced moms emotional support.

I'm sick of being depressed, lonely, and afraid. I don't have the money to pay for psych help so what do I do?

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No confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.
You regain your self confidence by deciding what it is you want to do and then doing it. By this I don't necessarily mean get a job, but doing something you enjoy.

I appreciate as we get older we reach a stage in our lives where we feel the need for 'something more', I know I did, and so I say do something you long to do. It doesn't have to make you money so much as bring you happiness. When you are happy in what you do you will feel confident and this should help lift your depression.

Have you thought about voluntary work? Helping others is very rewarding, and sometimes, because it puts you back in the work force, it can lead to a paying job. Perhaps join a walking club, or a gym, a swimming club, something that brings you in touch with other people is what you should aim for.

Walking is a wonderful way of relaxing the mind and helping your fitness, and you will be surprised when you check with your swimming pool how many other women your age go. You may find they have certain times set aside for ladies your age. (I know the pool in my area does!)

Money will not bring you happiness. Happiness comes from within, so begin by doing something that makes you feel happy, once you have found this inner joy things will start improving. A happy person is a confident person.

Good luck.


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