Self Esteem

by Sheelagh

When I was growing up nobody mentioned self esteem or defined it. It was'nt until later life I became aware of it. I knew if you had it, your life became easier. When I was at my lowest point, and had no one to talk to,I went to my doctors and she said I was Clinicly Depressed.

I had never been keen to rely on tablets all my life, and knew I had to educate myself to live without any chemical support.
I told her I would rather talk to someone about everything that had happened in my life,to get it out . For six weeks, I had a phsyciatric nurse visit me in my home, I talked she listened. I asked her ' what is love,and how do you get it'? Well,she said, imagine a flower,when its cared for,fed and looked after,it grows big and strong. I said' what if no one cares about it'? She said' it will grow weak and leggy'. After the six sessions were up , I felt much better. It was a release.
She said I had the intelligence to work through my problems, and didnt really need to see her any more,she said I just needed to be listened to. After that I set out to find out as much as I could about the Mind,so I could make my life better. Years later, I knew all about Self Esteem, and how important it is. When your esteem is low,you are vulnerable to being bullied ,taken advantage of,played, anyone has the power to make your life a misery. You are a magnet for those who need a victim to have power over. Today,my Self,Esteem is off limits to EVERYONE. Nobody is allowed to attack it, or make me feel small. It is a well earned badge,if you like, because now I have it, I do not give it up again

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by: Kay

Well done on your decision to stay strong and true to yourself.

We are all the way we think we are and if you can stay strong and believe in yourself your self esteem will not leave you.

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