Self-Esteem - 3 Key Points You May Be Missing For A High Self Esteem

Self-esteem need attention? One of the vicious cycles we tend to fall into within our every day life is not taking action, which makes us feel bad and unaccomplished. This does not exactly lead to a higher self esteem, does it?

To make things worse, this situation may repeat itself once and again in different ways.

It becomes clear then that taking action is the vehicle that will lead us to higher self-esteem and to better enjoyment of our lives.

There are many situations which interfere with improving ourselves, especially when suffering from low self-esteem. Let me show you 3 of the most important and influential of all these factors, which may be affecting you right now:

- Every time we get lazy and ignore or postpone the things we have to do, we experience a setback in our performance. This may negatively affect the opinion we have of ourselves and may also leave us feeling a little depressed.

- Failure to accomplish because you never started. How many times do you feel bad because you have not accomplished what you wanted? But here, between us, tell me the truth…. Have you started working on what you wanted?

You will not realize higher self esteem unless you take action. Did you know that this is one of the main reasons why people do not succeed?

Somehow, somewhere, you are so tired of thinking of a certain issue that it makes you feel like you spent a long time on it already. But, do a check up; chances are you have not even started yet.

- You may also be trapped by thinking that you know everything on a particular subject. Mainly when that subject is a skill we were born with.

Thus we fail to develop it to our best potential. Hence you get stagnant in an area that you could have excelled in otherwise. Then you do not accomplish big honors, and you develop a low self-opinion of yourself.

Not good enough, is it?

Get out of these cycles. They all trap you and affect you in a way that I cannot explain here, (it will take me soooo long). But you need to be fully aware that there are many traps that paralyze you and keep you walking in place, like a cartoon character.

You already learned 3 of these traps; remember this is what you have to do to reverse them, to start succeeding and achieve higher self esteem:

- Avoid falling into one of those laziness episodes. And if you do, snap out of it as soon as possible.

- Start for once and all with what you want to do. Start today.

- Always keep learning, mainly to further develop a skill that you already possess.

Do not give up on your Unique Self Success!

Marcela Bennett Copyright 2006

Keep going and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.
Charles Kettering

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