Self esteem issues

I don't know why, but I feel so down about myself. It started during my pregnancy when my husband started to seem distant from me (physically) which, OK I can understand, but what hurt me was that he started talking about his high school crush on an actress, looking at a dancer on you tube wearing revealing clothes with her bits sticking out, and he did this in front of me, he ignored me, how I felt. I was already feeling frumpy being pregnant.

Then there were the arguments about people he worked with, I was left feeling like although he cared for me, I wasn't the attractive girl he once fell in love with.

After having my baby, although things are back to normal, I still feel hurt, I feel jealous all the time when my husband even mentions another woman e.g from work. I cant be bothered about myself... I feel my husband still doesn't notice me so what's the point.

Why do I ask for constant reassurance from him about myself?? Why do I feel jealous all the time? Why cant I just get on with my life and stop envying others?

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Try to read his mind and believe in him
by: Anonymous

I understand the feeling of your heart but you should try to read his mind, may be he is trying to just flush those thoughts by sharing them with you.
You should be happy that he is telling you about his earlier life and not hiding them from you.

Try to believe in him and divert his mind towards home planning and future of kids, surely he will be more attached with you and you will lead a happy life.

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