Self-doubt Will Destroy Your Dream

Is self-doubt a huge problem for you? Do you want to change and become the new positive, self confident you, or will this always only be your dream? Do you tell yourself "I'll never be able to do that" did I hear you say "All the time!"

I wonder why it is that you yearn to do something and yet have that knot of fear inside saying "Don't do it." Why is this do you think?

Are you afraid of failing, afraid of what people will say, or that they may laugh at your attempt? The truth is when you don't attempt to do what you want, how can you ever find out how successful you may be?

You may have talents that you will only ever dream about because you haven't made the effort to try and achieve. "It's too difficult," "I can't be bothered." Oh goodness how can you ever find out when you don't try.

You can change the way you are, by changing your thoughts. When you always think in a negative way about yourself, this is how you will be.

Doesn't it make sense then, that when you think about yourself in a positive way, you can become like this? Sounds good? Is it time to wake up and smell the roses? I hope so, because they sure smell good!

Change from negative thoughts to positive ones today. Tell yourself now, this minute, that you can and will be successful, and then go for it!...go on........I dare you!

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