Self defeat, self worth

by Kylee
(Bay arkansas )

I am turning 29 in a week and have not accomplished anything in life. I worked hard at my dead end jobs since I was 16 and i remember getting paid 5 something an hour. I use to be very proud of being a CNA and helping people but ever since I moved to a new state to a hospital environment that changed. The staff made me feel like your purpose meant nothing and i got treated badly by everyone I tried to help.

It was never this bad before and i never felt humiliated or ashamed of who I was. I have a college degree but can't find a job for it. I wanted to start my own path and career in my field of psychology and mental health counseling. Working on my masters degree seems to be the only thing that puts a smile on my face. I am around in laws that brag about their fancy jobs and accomplishments and it makes my self esteem low. I have become self destructive and negative. My husband and children suffer over it and i don't know what to do. I'm tired of struggling with dead end jobs and feeling like minimum wage is all I am worth. My efforts are never recognized or praised by my employers even when I break my back to go the extra miles. I have been a very humble person but I am fed up with the way my life turned out.

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Life it seems too much
by: Damon

I have messed up in life. In today's society once you do that you never are to be forgiven. I am a drug addict, not any more but they say if you were one always one.

I go on why I became one but, why really no one cares. I've come to believe that when you talk about your problems that most people say that's not me so sorry about your luck. But to some degree we are all the same. I just popped on this page cause I typed in my life sucks n walla here I am. I posted my real name cause I don't care who reads it. Got nothing to hide. I've gotten to the point I've thought about killing my self. It does get that bad I got an associates degree but Wo hoo . That's not getting me anywhere. I keep thinking if I kill myself. Got to be better then this. Really they say you will go to hell but aren't I living it now. I don't have anything going for me. U do stupid sh*t in life nothing earth shattering but enough that made u unhirable in publics eyes. Lately I'm wishing there is was were do overs. But we all know there is not. Like the woman who in past once loved n still do an she has moved on. But k feel kindve stuck wishing thinking if what was. That was years ago. I've just been really thinking my life is not ever gonna get better I'm not gonna strike it rich. So why not end it. Maybe u never are gonna know if u- I kill my self if there is reincarnation nice thouht tho isn't it. To get a do over. I don't know but I've really thouht whstever has got to be better then this n what's going for me. I keep telling myself give it one more day one more week but I've given it over 1 year n then some. So when's enough of one more day 1 more anything. I've come to the conclusion that maybe it's meant to be. Honestly the biggest let down in life is myself. I know that I've done it to myself so I can't complain. I saw this do I thought I'd post, I got nothing inspiring nothing to say hey it will be okay. But what am I I going to do. I don't really know yet but if u have thought thinking about this. I got nothing really to say except if I do it good bye. Damon

by: Kay

Much of your problem is caused by how you are feeling. We all get fed up and often stuck in dead end jobs that seem to do nothing to boost how we feel.

Life is also about choices. It's quite exciting when you come to realise that you can actually choose how you want to be and what you want to do. Your thoughts make your reality and what's even better is, no one can give you your thoughts, they are totally yours.

Having said this, what do you want to do? What do you want to change? What can you do to change how you feel? Change your thoughts, change your life!

Of course that sounds easy doesn't it. But you and I both know its not quite that straight forward.

Work out what you have to do in order to regain your self esteem to do what it is you want to do. Then put steps in place to enable you to change how your life is. Stay determined and true to yourself. Remember, your thoughts make your reality.

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