self controll

by urooj
(lahore ,pakistan)

hello... I want to share my problem regarding my self confidence. Since my childhood im facing lack of confidence relating to a lot of things in my life. I'm good looking but always have a doubt regardig my appearance. I feel myself less important than others.

I am never satisfied with my progress. All my achievments are of less worth infront of me. I recently faced a big failure in my life but I got a second chance but did not avail it in right way. I cannot control myself from straying. I find myself not giving consistency to my work. every day I give a promise to myself but fail to keep it. I am unable to make my sleeping habits regular for the past year.

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self control
by: Anonymous

Have you ever considered counselling which may give you insight. Lack of confidence is something that concerns most people. Some can put on a brave face and see it out, others crumple.
Some sort of assertiveness course may help as well, but you may have to tailor what you learn to suit whatever situation you may find yourself in.
Take a look at someone you may feel is a bit dumb and if they can do something, you can also.
When you see someone whom you think seems to have all the confidence in the world, underneath they may not and just be brazening it out. Try it next time and see how it goes. It might just work for you

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