Self conscious no confidence


I am 17 year old male and I need some big points because I feel like I am the suckiest person,ugly and fat and I cant seem to believe that I am an outgoing person, but I think I have lacked some friends because I am so not confident.

Sometimes I dont even talk when there's people because I feel whatever I say its just going to be stupid.

I need help I am tired of not being happy with myself.

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Don't worry, be happy
by: clt (clarissa, lina, tiana)

Don't put yourself down, you're gorgeous just the way you are,

self consiousness
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. The biggest pointer I can give you is that you have to start liking yourself. There seems to be nothing wrong with you other than the fact that you think there is! Teenage years are not easy and it is normal to want to be different and not be happy with how you are.

What you say to yourself is very important. When you say things like being ugly and fat, or that you can't talk to people because what you say will be stupid, you make these things come true over time because you begin to believe them.

The first thing to tell yourself is that you are a good looking dude, with a great body! Say that to yourself as though you really believe it and notice how good it makes you feel. Ignore that little voice that tells you that you aren't, its this little voice that's causing all your problem.

When you are with other people ask them questions about themselves, don't tell them about you first, unless they ask of course, let them do the talking and become a listener. When they answer your question, if you want to know more ask another, and when they say something that you know about, then talk about it. Get them to open up to you rather than you open up to them. They will think you're a great guy because you are interested in what they have to say.

You have to like yourself before you can expect people to like you. Work on the things you tell yourself. Let your thoughts be about how confident you are, how popular you are and most importantly how much you love yourself. When you have positive thoughts about yourself you will become a positive young man.

Believe it and it will be so.


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