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I have recently finished university and now have to find a full time graduate job. I got offered a sales job in a retail shop but they wanted someone permanent and I didn't want to be there for long.

To cut a long story short, I feel really stupid saying this but I know I am capable of learning quickly and getting a job, but I am nervous about getting a job because I wont be able to do something. I feel nervous/sick all the time when I'm searching for a job.

I try to tell myself that it's a learning curve and you have to get used to working etc but my confidence is so low, it's stupid I'm most likely going to get a 2:1 and I've got many firsts, so even though I have proven to myself capable of developing skills I still don't have self belief.

If anyone can help me I would be very grateful, my situation must sound silly but I hate feeling like this.


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self confidence
by: Kay

How you feel is the result of how you think and it is your thoughts that are causing your problem! When you change these thoughts to think you are the way you want to be you will change how you are.

Your thoughts are all about what might happen and because you are thinking things will not go well for you, you are bringing fear into your mind. Why worry about what might happen. Take control of those thoughts, empower yourself with "I can do this" thoughts and feel the confidence speaking those words can bring.

Fear does not exist, you can't touch it, it is literally a thought. You can dismiss a thought and not feel the fear, or you can react to it, bring it into your awareness and make it real to you. You can choose your thoughts, you can choose the way you want to be. Change your attitude to one of being able to cope, and stick with the positive thoughts that come to mind, rid yourself of the fearful ones. The more you do this the more confident you will become.

With determination you CAN do this.

Good luck.


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