self blame and no confidence

by jessica

A few months ago I was a confident care-free person I started dating this amazing guy. Since then I have slowly lost all my self confidence and now feel I'm not good enough and anything I do isn't up to my standards.

It's not something he is doing in any way it's me against myself. I feel I'm not as good as his ex or as good looking or as fun. And its really bad because its starting to cause tension and arguments. I just want the old me back.

I think negatively almost all the time. And I do not want to lose him or push him away. Please help

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self blame and no confidence
by: Anonymous

What has brought this about, has he been controlling you You do not need this if he has been. It is important that you do not build your life around one person. You are still separate people and it is important that you both have your own interests and activities. You will not grow as people if you do not. You both have to trust and give each other some freedom.
If a relationship does not last, you can then contact your other friends and make a new life for yourself.
It might be a good idea to get some counselling to sort out what your feelings are.

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