Scratch that Itch!

by Paul

Some special words that I use to bring Feeling Good sensations to me, have had a new and surprising result. In the midst of strong craving or emotion, saying my words makes the sense of happiness, quite intense and lowers the volume of Craving.

I believe that craving is one of natures ways to express the energetic power captured in our bodies. So I guess all the various forms of cravings, are release buttons.

With Craving, there is the usual well recognised bunch, such as gambling, drinking, drugs, sex, adventure, risk. But there are lots more, not thought of as cravings.

Consider arguing, fighting, negativity and shouting. Or Being a victim, being sick, poor, constantly under attack, in heavy coping mode, all the very many negative attitudes, including hate, judgement and attack of all sorts.

The list of what you could be craving, is just about endless. Especially when you consider that wanting to free yourself from this giant pent up-ness, is so big that you’d do almost anything to get rid of it.

The Desire to be released from this inner urgency is perhaps the biggest trigger for craving, and it can undo you totally, as if you have no control.

Any Method or Technique you can acquire that will bring about Feeling Good, can channel the pent up power away from the Cravings. Freedom is your reward.


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