School mid teens

by Jon
(los angeles)

I'm 16 lost and in high school and recently moved. Back at my old school I had all my confidence and had many girlfriends, but as I moved I lost confidence slowly I don't know how to speak to any girl I have a crush on. I become shy which I was never was.

At home I feel like my older brother and dad feel like I'm lazy and giving up.

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Give yourself time
by: Anonymous

It takes time to fit into a new environment but once you have found your niche it is going to gradually get easier. Have you thought of talking to your school counsellor, that might help but you will make new friends and there will be other people who have moved into your school and will need friends.

Lost confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. You are still the same confidence person you always have been, the big difference now is that you don't believe you are. This is where your problems lie, in your own thoughts.

You are bound to feel shy now that you are with people you don't know, but when you focus on the fact that you are shy and that you don't know what to say to girls, this is how you become. If you can change those self limiting thoughts to ones of being confident, and at least attempting to speak to the girls you like this will be a start.

When you believe you are confident and make the effort, as hard as it may be at first, to speak to people, slowly but surely the number of friends you have will grow.

Join after school activities this will also help you. Don't sit round at home moping, you have to make the effort to do things. Everything is inside that head of yours! Whatever way you want to be you can be, but you have to believe you can do things and then do them!

Give it a go, I am sure that confident young person is still waiting patiently inside to be brought out into existence. Only you can do this.

Be brave, I know you can do this if you choose.


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