scared to be embarrassed

by Marcus Davis
(Reddick, Fl united states)

I play high school football, and I don't go hard on the plays because I try to take myself out. I fear getting hit and be laughed at or talked about. Sometimes I just freeze up on the field.

Any advice?

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by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Thoughts are very powerful, and when you focus being hit, laughed at or embarrassed, this prevents you from letting go and having a good game, and probably doing well.

Fear does not exist. It is purely a thought that's inside your head. Its a thought that you can refuse purely by not reacting to it, dismissing it, and even better, replacing it with a positive "I can do this" thought.

How you react to a thought becomes a reality. When you say you cant go hard because you might get hit, this becomes your truth. Why not say I am going all out this game and will do my best.

The best advice I can give you for when you are embarrassed is simply to laugh at yourself along with anyone else who is laughing. Truly, admitting that you've done something foolish and laughing about it will get you through any embarrassing moment, and people will look on you as a good sport.

Good luck, remember what you believe about yourself becomes your truth. Believe you are amazing!


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