Relationship being destroyed by low self esteem

I've had low self since elementary school, I always had a problem with the way I look, always comparing myself to other girls along myself, why don't I have what they have or look like they do. I have a great boyfriend, he cares about me, tells me I'm beautiful, and would do pretty much anything for me, yet I always ruin it by getting mad at him if he wants to hang out with friends particularly if it's a girl, I get really jealous and super insecure and think he might end up leaving me for them.

I had a bad relationship in the past where the guy would play mind tricks and go off with other girls, I was always hurt but one day I got the courage to leave him and I'm glad I did, but now with my current boyfriend I try to be controlling and get mad at the mention of any other girl, I don't know how I can stop feeling and being this way. He doesn't deserve it.

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Relationships and self esteem
by: Kay

The main thing to do is to start loving who you are. You have to believe in yourself. You can do this by the thoughts you have about yourself. If you can constantly let yourself have thoughts about how confident you are, how much people enjoy your company, how worthwhile you are, these thoughts will make your reality. What you believe about yourself becomes your truth, your life.

It wont be easy, but if you constantly work on these thoughts you will help yourself to change your life.

Good luck.

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