Relationship alienation

by Mary
(Fort myers fl)

I am a very attractive independent lady. My boyfriend brings me to his work parties and around his friends /family and then ignores me. He says it's because I am the first woman he's dated in 20 years. I'm confused. We have a blast around my friends and when alone. He says I look good next to him I want him to treat me the same and not alienate himself from me. For example he takes me to his, work party and leaves me at the table while he socializes.

Also he likes to brag to me about other women wanting him. This is inappropriate as we are in our 40s. I am not a jealous woman I just want to feel like he wants to be with me and is not using me. I can't figure him out. His boss told me to be careful, but won't say why.

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Relationship alienation.
by: Anonymous

You do not deserve this, why put up with it? You are wasting your time with this man, he needs a wake up call but do not wait around to administer it. If he is so discourteous and rude you are better off to ditch him.

There are other people out there much more worthy.
Find someone else who appreciates you for being you.

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