reincarnation a mistake

My boyfriend almost died from drinking, but when he was drunk, said how much he loved me and wanted to marry me. Now he's sober and I realize whoever that person was is utterly gone and I am just left with his artificial shell "sober guy" personality, and I feel like something did die when he drank. I know he has no intentions of either marrying me or confessing his love to me like he did when he was drunk, and I feel like a damn fool.

I don't know why I stay with him. Not to mention that I am infertile and have no hope of having children. I am 32, unmarried, no children, no love, no sex, and I have no conceivable reason to wake up in the morning. The only thing I look forward to every day is getting high, to drown out his inane "everyday" pathetic attempts at conversation. Sobriety killed my relationship. I almost wish he died because this is like a living death. I get high so I can hear voices and maybe an angel if I'm lucky. I realize now there's another reality worth living for through sleep and intoxication, it is a gateway to another dimension far better than this one, so all I can do is walk around when I'm awake, work, eat to maintain this broken, infertile body, and pray that evening hour comes when I can stop working and get high.

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You both need sorting out
by: Anonymous

In no way would I defend someone who nearly drinks themself to death, but you are sure thats why he started drinking in the first place? That he's pretty inhibited when he's sober, and said those things to you because he could not say them when sober? Some men are like that. The 'Strong Silent Type' . And when drunk had the courage to tell you. Maybe not. And you, why do you have to get high every night? That wont solve anything will it? You both have issues. Maybe sorting one out will make the other better, or maybe the two of you just don't work. Theres the word. Don't Work. Any relationship takes work, hard work to smooth things out, and resolve your differences, you both are just treading water,getting nowhere. Maybe its time to have a long look at everything... When you are thinking straight. Good luck.

reincarnation a mistake.
by: Anonymous

You need some professional assistance and counselling from someone who understands. You may have to move on if this relationship has died. You do not have to stay with someone who is draining you as he must be. You can get sucked into an energy surrounding him which is pulling you down. Once you are free, you will feel a lot of relief.

People get trapped in situations which are not helping them and which pull them down. It takes courage to break away but there will be something else for you out there once you have made the move.

People often get stuck with someone who is not good for them and who stop them from achieving anything with their lives. I have seen so many of these. Bless you.

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