Precious Memories

by Stacey
(United Kingdom)

My son Aaron was 3 years 3 months old at the time, and saying his prayers at bed time he said:

"God comes and looks after us when we are asleep as he has a special key and just comes in."

"There are Gods that come into Daddy's work. The first one is called a vacuum cleaner God, and the second God very kindly empties Daddy's bin, he tips it out then puts it back under the desk."

My son Thomas was four years old at the time, he was born in New Zealand but we had moved to England when I asked this question.

Mum "Where were you born Thomas?"

Thomas "In New Zealand"

Mum "And how did you come to England?"

Thomas "In a big aeroplane"

Mum" And what part of New Zealand are you from Thomas?"

Thomas "India"

I couldn't resist sharing these things my sons said. Reading Anne's message brought memories back for me.

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Child Development Fun Memories
by: Kay

I would love to have the vacuum cleaner God in my home, he would be welcome any time!

Your boys' comments are very funny. They help to make this website worthwhile. Thanks for sharing!

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