powerful beyond measure

Just looking through some of the comments and stories from all the other people and I can directly relate to a lot of you. In my own story, I too feel worthless, depressed, and anxious a lot of the time and sometimes find it hard to even get out of the bed. I try to intellectualise all aspects of my being, being right or wrong, the shoulds or shouldnts or the have tos, or living my life to please others or blaming, often to the detriment of my well being.

For as long as I can remember I have cared what everyone else thought about me and have never truly felt independent of myself, but am now beginning to come home to myself more now due to an interpersonal communications class I am taking. In this class we learn that every thought, feeling, action or word by someone (including yourself) is entirely 100% about them and is not in the slightest about you. Everything you do, say, think etc is about you and a message for you. I think it is important to remember also that not everybody is in the same place so many people might not understand you. If you personalize any expression of where THEIR at, then you lose the inner stronghold of YOUR unique, sacred and beautiful self.

When each of us was born we were not born anxious or depressed or sad or paranoid. It is these aspects of ourselves that we had to create in order to adapt and survive our exterior worlds and to see these as problems is not the answer. Neither is blaming others, parents etc as they to had their own issues and nobody CONSCIOUSLY wants to hurt another.

I believe the answer lies in seeing these aspects of yourself as ingenious creations you developed and embracing them as 100% necessary for your survival until now and asking them 'what as a friend are you trying to tell me?'. Don't hate them, embrace them, as hard as it is. All communication reflects our interior and we have to own it and become responsible for ours, nobody elses. Hope this helps someone. Keep on your Journey. Lots of love Xxxxxxx

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powerful beyond measure
by: Anonymous

You are doing something to help yourself, it can be darn hard but it is rewarding to find yourself on your way. Life is for learning and it takes effort, it is so easy to fall into the slough of despond and that is what a lot of people do. Every person is unique and worth something, everyone has much to contribute and those who have had it hard, often develop much more compassion that they would have, if life had been less challenging and difficult. I think the main thing is not to let other people put you down, so many do this to make themselves feel more confident Many bullies have low self esteem.

by: Kay

Thank you very much for your message. You are right in what you say. We are totally the result of our own thoughts, and of course these are shaped throughout our lives by those we come into contact with, particularly as children when we trust that what adults tell is is the truth and accept their beliefs as our own.

Hopefully, we all in time come to realise that we do hold the power to change our lives when we aren't happy, and we can do this by accepting responsibility for ourselves and by changing the mindset we have. Our thoughts really do make our reality!

Thanks again for sharing.


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