Are You Happy With The Way You Are, Or Are You Lacking Positive Self Development?

Do you long for positive self development, and want to live a life you feel great about?

blue sky Do you think, if you do, you are being selfish? If it's how you dream you want your life to be, then you should honor your, heart, soul, your purpose in life, by striving to live your dream.

Working on your positive self development is not selfish, you should take pleasure in working on becoming the way you want.

When you can live your life in the way that's right for you, this will make you happy, and in turn, give you the energy you need to look after the people in your life.

Many people deprive themselves of what they want, because they feel guilty about putting themselves first. Don't let this be you!

You deserve to have what you want. Why is it so hard to have what you want, do you think?

Are you afraid to go ahead because of what others may say. Do you feel you need permission to live your dream?

Do you really feel you are being greedy, or selfish, for wanting what you want?

Do you hesitate giving yourself what you want because you aren't sure what your family members might say? Or is it because you really would like to know their thoughts before you take action?

Why not try, you really don't have to wait for permission. You may be surprised at other peoples reactions. They may well congratulate you for taking the initiative to do something different. They will certainly notice the change in you, and may even ask "Why didn't you do it sooner?"

Whatever it is that you dream of doing, give it a try. You are not being selfish for wanting something just for you.

Start with yourself today. Stay determined to work on your positive self development

Don't hold back, live your dreams!

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