port wine birthmark makes me feel inferior

by marti jean

I have lived with a port wine birthmark on the left side of my body, except my face, for 63 years. Lately I have started feeling really inferior, as my husband has seemed to not love me anymore, except as a sister or friend. his attention is towards younger women, or women who pay him attention.

In the past, I was doing o.k. because I am pretty and am out going, and thought I was also confident, but it seems my confidence depends on others point of view. Living with rejection from the world is hard. I am getting older and know I need to work on my confidence, but can't seem to find it when there is so much I can't do-like; swimming, wearing shorts, summer dresses.. I just get hot in the summer and watch my face get older. Is there some way to reach him and get his love again, or do I just concentrate on me and forget him. I wrote before, but in reading the response, I realized my problem was deeper. I am sharing this for the first time, my deformed skin affliction.
Thank you,

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2 Problems here
by: Anonymous

First,of all many of us have defects that we live with all our lives. Because we know that no person is PERFECT, we live with it. Too much is made of perfection. I would rather be a decent human being than be like that. But it bothers you. Your husband seems to be having a midlife crisis. And this is rebounding on you. Let him make a fool of himself.because at the end of the day,would he know what to do with one if he caught her? You have had this all your life,has it always bothered you? If so talk to a professional. And tell that husband of yours to grow up.and take care of his lovely wife!

Birthmark makes me feel inferior
by: Anonymous

You have lived with this for a while and you say it is not on your face. Have you never had any surgery on this?
It is what you are as a person that matters, it is not your looks that matter and it is what your talents and skills are as well.
Make a list of all the things that you excell at and what you have achieved during your life. Whoever we are, we can always find something positive about our lives.
Make a list of the friends that you have over the years and what their friendship has meant to you, are they worried about the birthmark, they will accepted you for whom you are.

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