Physical change that has led to emotional healing

by Kevin Kevinson

I lost 35 pounds in 2 months.

I've kept it off for almost a year and a half now. I'm healthier than I have ever been.

It was the weight loss that was the catalyst for change in the rest of my life.

Here's the story in a nutshell.

I was really unhealthy. I had Cushing's syndrome, Hypercortisolism, Blood pressure was too high, my cholesterol was over 350, I was diabetic but barely, I had sleep apnea, migraines, and I was nearly impotent. There were a whole host of problems. I went to see a great doctor who asked me if I wanted to fix the symptoms for the problem? I thought that was an odd question. He told me he could give me three pills right away and then would need to add a fourth soon after. He also said I would have to change my diet two more of a diabetic style. He said these pills would help with the symptoms but they would not fix the underlying problem. He said to fix the underlying problems I needed to do a complete restart as he called it. He recommended that I try something radical. He said he knew of something that would probably cure my illnesses but would be challenging. He asked me if I could have nothing but homemade soup broth for 30 days. My response surprises me to this day. I said "I can do anything for 30 days".

So that is what I did. I need organic homemade soup broth with different meats and vegetables. I drank nothing but the broth for 30 days. I'm sure this raises lots of questions. I wrote a blog about it and I had over 30,000 Page views. It wasn't some special program that I purchased online or saw on late night TV. It didn't require stomach surgery or anything radical like that. It was actually pretty simple. Just drink soup broth for 30 days.

My concern was that I might be hungry. He assured me that I would not be hungry as long as I drank the soup broth. What I came to find out was that the soup broth provided me with plenty of nutrition and as long as I drink it regularly, I was fine. I could not have it for breakfast and then not again until lunch. That would not work. I drank a mug of soup broth every hour or two sometimes three hours between doses. It was a challenge for sure and I am glad that I documented and blogged every day so others can hopefully be encouraged,

This is definitely the abridged story. Suffice it to say that when all was said and done I ended up losing a total of 45 pounds. And I got results from the doctor, who oversaw the whole thing and did a bunch of bloodwork and the results were exciting. My blood pressure dropped 35 points, my diabetes pretty much went away. The numbers are within normal range now. My cholesterol dropped from over 350 to 182 !!! I wouldn't believe it unless I saw the results. All the symptoms from the Cushing's Sydrome are gone and no more sleep apnea. And everything now works as it should.

Still blows my mind. But I knew this had to be the beginning. I knew I had some demons to address. And then I found this site

I think God that I found your website. Reading about others who are very self-destructive and self damaging. Has been an inspiration to me. I feel like I have the physical things under control now and I'm focusing on some real pain and damage from many, many years.

I'm hoping the story is helpful. I don't know if it is okay to list a blog link here. If not, I'll happily remove the link. It is a story, my story of going from being a miserable, fat, grouchy guy to being a fit and happy man. But I'm still plagued by lots of self-loathing. It's getting better through counseling, but I have a long ways to go.

Here's the link:

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You are an inspiration
by: Anonymous

Why would you think that you don't deserve space the same as everyone else?

I'm sure you have given a lot of people the wish to lose weight that is making them unhappy. And you are right to say that now you need to work on your mind, hence the low self esteem. The great thing about you is your self honesty.

You are gradually getting yourself sorted out by stages, and you are more likely to succeed. I don't know what happened to make you feel that you may not feel worthy, but suspect you will get to the bottom of it!

Good luck in giving yourself a chance to be the happy person that's within reach

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