PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: Benefits of Anger Management

by Anurag Aggarwal
(New Delhi)

Do you ever get angry in petty situations? What situations are these? Are you able to control your anger soon? The answers to all these questions would tell you a lot about the kind of personality you have. Anger management plays a leading role in personality development. Most men and women find it very difficult to deal with anger and end up having situations out of proportions. This also becomes a hurdle in their personality development and also causes various health problems.

Anger is also considered as one of the biggest enemies of a human body and soul. It impairs judgment, can make a person violent and the person can even lose his/her relationships. Thus, it is very important to learn how to control anger or, may be, to learn to channelize it in such a way that it may be constructive. There are many benefits that you can gain from being able to manage your anger. One may never understand the joyful benefits of anger management classes unless they experience it and see a drastic change in their personality.

Let's look at some of the benefits of anger management and its affect in personality development.

1) Judgment

Anger makes a person a poor judge. Uncontrolled anger gradually leads to poor decision making capability. It also makes us prone to making mistakes. But once you are able to manage your anger, you will be able to exercise better judgment. Anger management exercises are often meant to channelize the anger so that you do not lose control over yourself when you lose temper.

2) Stress

In today's world where everyone's life is full of stress, it is also expected to have a pleasing personality. Stress management can give you long-term benefits. With better control over yourself, you will see that it's easier to avoid some situations that may be stressful.

3) Fewer conflicts and disputes

In anger, we often find ourselves indulged in conflicts. Conflicts or disputes occur because of difference in opinion due to different personality. Once you are aware of anger management techniques, such situations would be reduced. One should be able to treat differences in opinion just as opinions instead of taking them as personal attacks. By doing so, there will be lesser hassles at workplace with co-workers, employers and in family. You will be able to have more peaceful interactions with others.

4) Better communication

Anger is generally caused because of misunderstandings, which are in turn, caused due to communication gap between the two people involved. Good communication skills can also be helpful in avoiding anger or angry situations. Many problems are solved when people know how to be assertive. When people do not know how to assert themselves properly angry behavior is often used instead. Controlling and channelizing anger in a constructive way will make communication easier and will create your image as a person who is open-minded and easy to talk to.

5) Closer and Healthier Relationships

Another benefit of anger management is that it helps you to get closer to others and makes you more comfortable in personal relationships. The people we love are often the victims of our anger when we lose control. Channelizing anger will make us more capable of leading a life that is comparatively free of repulsive scenes or outbursts of anger.

6) Awareness about responsibility

Once you are able to control anger, will know when you are the cause of any trouble and when you are not. When the problem is because of you, you will also be able to know how to handle the situation calmly and still not be blamed. Taking the full responsibility of your task is also a personality trait that leads to personality development.

7) Empathy

Empathy means to be able to feel the same way the other person is feeling. Anger management trains you how to empathize which is very beneficial. Empathizing leads to better understanding and thus lesser conflicts. Being able to empathize means that you can see situations from others’ point of view also leaving no space for conflicts.

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Benefits of Anger Management.
by: Anonymous

Anger is often due to frustration and feelings of helplessness. Unfortunately anger is used as a tool to hit out at circumstances and other people. In this age of instant gratification often made worse by technology, and lack of consistent parenting in childhood, people expect everything to go their own way.

Young people coming from households where there has been availability of technology have got used to tapping into that technology and getting the information and entertainment that they want. They have never learned to go out and make their own fun or to improvise or to work for what they want to buy.

When they get out into the real world and come up against it, events may not always go their way, that dream job may turn out to be a fantasy, the relationship with another person is not made in heaven and they may have trouble negotiating with other people or working in with them. They may have gone into using drugs and alcohol as a form of relaxation then needing more of that to keep them going.

These people because their expectations have been high have never learnt to compromise but once they can understand by using anger they cannot get what they want. Sadly so many youngsters have ended up in prison because their anger has destroyed other peoples lives.

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