Personal Growth

by Elizabeth

During the course of a day we are subjected to very much information which we do not have time to process while we are awake or not meditating.

When we sleep our brain does a lot of work to sort out that information we received during waking hours, and that is why often when we wake up, we are capable of getting an answer to something that we could not get during the time all this stuff was bombarding us.

It makes sense for us to stop every so often, and just not think. Dreams often present in symbols and those symbols have to mean something to us personally. If we know what those symbols themselves mean to us, then we can decipher them.

A train might mean a journey to you, to me it might mean the end of something. Years ago I used to have dreams of being in a car and not being in control of it. It meant that I was not in control of my life.

It seems to me that a lot people, especially women, go through some sort of life change after they have finished rearing their families.

These life changes often present as a crisis of some kind. It might be illness, separation, change in lifestyle, death of parents and other loved ones, a loss of property, a sense of not knowing what to do, when something bad happens.

Even single women can go through this, the ages are usually in the 40s to 60s bracket.

When one gets to the age I am at, it is surprising when you look back that you see your life so clearly, and see the patterns that it took.

The effects the actions of other people had on you personally, and the havoc or assistance that they had on what you were to go on to do.

The mistakes that you made, the involvement that you had with other people, what you could or should have done, and what you just went along with, and did not take a stand over an injustice.

Bullying had an impact on me, and for years I did not really know what I was capable of doing, or achieving. I did not always get any encouragement when I was younger to be independent, and to learn to work out things for myself.

I did not have much confidence or self esteem in earlier years, and socially I missed out in childhood. I had to learn to relate to other people, and when to stand away from them without feeling rejected.

I had to learn who I could be friends with, and who I could not be friends with. Some people were just meant to pass through my life, and I was just meant to pass through theirs, as they had other fish to fry.

These last 7 years of my life have been the happiest for me, as I have been able to live in peace with my neighbours.

I have always tried to encourage other people, and to tell them that eventually life will work itself out for them. I have just seen a couple of people get entangled with their comfort zone, and be afraid to leave it. I was always pushed out of mine.

Although I have been buffeted by life, when I look back I did learn an awful lot that I would not have learned had things gone more smoothly for me, and I think we can all say that.

There was the tale of a bird who lived in a single withered tree, and was afraid to leave it. One day there was a dreadful storm, and the bird had to fly off.

He had a long journey which took hours, and the poor bird was despairing of ever finding a roost. He came to a forest, and very quickly found a home which was more comfortable, and advantageous than the old tree.

If your website even makes someone make an effort to leave a stagnating situation, even if that effort makes an upheaval in their life, it is worth it.

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Personal Growth
by: Kay

The comfort zone has to be left behind when we hope to achieve doesn't it?

I believe you are right when you say you have learned far more because you were pushed out of yours throughout your life.

When we hope to grow, we have to accept the challenges that life throws us. When we don't, we have little hope of improving our personal growth.

I enjoyed the story about the little bird.

Thank you for sharing your story Elizabeth, you have made this website more worthwhile.

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