Our relationship is on the rocks!!!!!

by a gibson

Ive been with my boyfriend now for 16yrs, "yes" we have had our fall outs but sorted them but now this is serious.

My dad passed away a few weeks ago and of course I'm off work. My partner thinks I should be back in work now but I'm still grieving for my dad and don't feel up to work yet, so he has fallen out with me and thinks we need a break from each other. I don't in fact I need him more now! He wont speak to me and now I feel so ill with this I keep crying not eating and thinking I wish I was with my dad.

What can I do or say to put things right HELP!!! someone or should I just go. I don't know where I could go to my dad's house but I'm too frightened to go as dad passed away at home.

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Relationship on the rocks
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. I understand how you are feeling. Grieving for a loved one takes many forms and sometimes years to come to terms with. However life goes on, it has to, and I have thought about your dad and wondered what he would say to you now.

I feel sure he wouldn't want his death to end your relationship with your partner, and I believe he would want you to move on with your life and tuck him away inside your heart, think of him sometimes, and live life to the full. He will only want you to be happy, and you are allowing this grief to overrun your life to the extent of making things even worse for you.

You need your partner, but you have to let go of your dad, and know that you carry a big part of him always within your heart, he loved you, and will be with you still, but you have to move forward and get on with living your life to the full. Let your partner back into your life. Be happy again. I believe your dad is watching over you.


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