Organize Your Thoughts To Restructure Your Life

Did you know that you can organize your thoughts to restructure your life? That's an interesting thought isn't it!

Why not think about how you would like to be and decide to work on yourself?

Have you tried before, and started with great enthusiasm, then suddenly find things are not going the way you hoped they would? Don't you hate it when that happens! Sometimes everyday life seems to get in the way doesn't it? Are you then left to wonder "what happened there? I was doing so well?"

So what can you do to get back on track? Why not write down step by step instructions that enabled you to get as far as you did before things went wrong? What were you doing in your life that helped you? Write these things down.

I have a friend who has this fantastic job as a Personal Assistant to a Business Executive. As a result of this she sometimes travels with him to meetings in various parts of the world. When she returns she lacks energy and motivation, and just can't get in the mood to do things.

I was chatting with her and asked why she thought this was. She thought for a moment and realized it was probably because she found herself working much later than she would on a normal workday.

Her routine while away was totally different. She is a person who needs plenty of sleep to get her through the next day, and often it was past midnight when her boss decided work was finished for the day.

As we talked, it became obvious that she felt the way she did because of the change in routine when she was away. She had no time for herself. Whereas she normally went for a morning swim and an evening run, or a visit to the gym, she made no time for this when she was away on a business trip.

She was also in the habit of writing in her diary, but every time she was away her only entry in the pages for those days was 'business trip'.

After our talk she realized that she was causing her own problems. It was time to organize her thoughts to enable herself to be the way she wanted.

She decided to try and make time for herself when she was away. She had a chat to her boss and explained her situation to him and that she really would like to take time out for herself so that she could visit the gym or go swimming.

He was very understanding and promised he would do better! True to his word he now lets her 'do her own thing' no later than 6pm! All in all a very successful outcome to what was becoming a very disheartening experience for her.

She can now organize her time away. She makes time for a swim each morning, and goes for her run, or to the gym each evening, and takes time to keep her diary up to date, now that she has time for herself.

Writing down her experiences for her personal growth has certainly helped her to become more organized throughout her week. She decided to have a positive mindset and get her life running the way she wanted to. She restructured her mind to suit her needs.

With careful planning you too can re organize your life to be the way you want it, the way that makes you happy. Write down what it is that is causing you to feel the way you do and then write a second list that tells you what you plan to do to change what you don't like.

Pin the 'to do' list up where you can see it and stay determined to make your life the way that you want it. The way that's right for you, not the way someone else thinks it should be.

Remember, it's your thoughts that make your reality. If you want things to change, they will, but only if you do something about it!

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