Nothing up top and confidence when it comes to sex with my man?

by emma

I've been with my man for over two years now, I love him so much, but when it comes to sex what confidence I do have goes right out the window and it's nothing to do with him.

I've got nothing up top and never have lol that doesn't bother him he says but it stops me from, i.e dressing like a woman and being with him the way I want to. HELP. what can i do?

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Just be happy he doesn't care
by: Anonymous

Let me tell you something, to most guys, women are like Ferrari's, a really good thing. A woman with "something on top" is like air conditioning in a Ferrari. Nice, but you don't really care, you could always just roll down the windows and drive faster!

Seriously, forget it, be happy and besides, HE DOESN'T CARE, why should you.

no confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. You have what many women yearn for - a man who loves them for just the way they are. The problem you have is that you don't like the way you are. As you rightly say, its not his problem, it's yours. So what can you do? The best advice I can give you is to forget about how you look in the mirror (because your man loves what he sees) and concentrate on the way you are inside.

This is where your problem is. You don't like yourself, and you have to like yourself. Accept how you are on the outer, and work on your self belief. Self talk plays an important part in your life when you aren't happy with how you are. So, start talking to yourself with loving kind words. Look in the mirror and say 'I love myself' 'I am perfect how I am'. 'My man loves me, I am sexy, my body is beautiful' say anything that makes you feel good! Say it when you get into bed 'I have a gorgeous body and I am a wonderful lover', anything that makes you feel good - I am sure you know what I mean!

Keep working on positive self talk throughout the day, the more you tell yourself, the sooner you will come to believe it, and once you believe it, it will be the truth!

Go girl!


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