Not coping

by Monica
(New Mexico)

I lost my husband and my sister 3 years ago within 17 days of each other, in the last 4 years I lost my father, my husband, my sister, my sister in law, my mother in law, and several other relatives and friends in between. I have been a Nurse for 30+ years and witnessed way too much death and the closer it has hit home the tougher it gets to deal with.

I am in financial dire straits and constantly depressed and not finding any peace of my mind. I cannot understand why I am still here and what purpose I have left in this world. I am almost 60 and physically and emotionally exhausted. Losing more and more hope everyday and ready to give up.

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Not coping
by: Anonymous

It is little wonder that you feel you are not coping, so much has happened to you in the last year or so and you are feeling very cut off. You have lost a lot of your family in a very short time and it is devastating. You are also having problems with finance as well.
Up until now you have probably felt that you were control of your life and now you have lost it for the meanwhile.
Now it is time for you to look for some help and upliftment, there is sure to be someone or some organisation out there who are now give you a hand up. Maybe it is time for you to get back something from the times you have given out to people who at those times were feeling as bad as you are feeling now. Just make a list of all the people whom you may have helped in the past and those who have lost loved ones you spent time with, consoling them.
I am sure that one day things will come right, it will never replace the people you have lost but others will come into your life to give you joy and companionship.

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