Not a good enough daughter..

I feel ashamed to be in public, I am constantly trying to cover myself with sweaters, I never wear just a t-shirt unless of in front of my boyfriend because I feel he's the only person in my life that's never had an issue with my weight but my father and 3 older brothers have always had an issue with me, even when I wasn't fat.

They all think they can say things to me because its the right thing for my health. I feel like I'm not good enough for them because I'm unhealthy.. I don't get why people don't understand that I face the fat everyday I get up and look in the mirror, I know I'm fat and it makes me hate myself where I don't like looking in the mirror.

When I go to parties I hide from the cameras because I'm afraid someone will take a disgusting picture of me and then put it on facebook. I always turn away or just I don't want my picture taken and get really defensive.

The biggest problem I have is my Dad though because he has an image of a perfect daughter in his head and I don't live up to those expectations at all, and I just want to be close to him and not have to worry about all that I know I need to lose weight and Ive been trying to get myself in an healthier eating habit, it's just hard.

I feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders its hard for me to go outside and walk I feel like I'm being judged by everyone who passes.. I'm 260 pounds 5"7... help me!

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Not good enough daughter
by: Anonymous

You need some outside advice and assistance with this problem of overweight. Have you been to your doctor with it, as he or she might be able to direct you to some help with losing weight.
There is a lot to being overweight, often it is overeating for comfort, sometimes it is psychological as well as physical.
No one should judge anyone for being overweight when they cannot put themselves in that persons shoes.
No one at a slimming club is going to judge you and you will find other people there who will work with you and help you. Most face the problems you do.

You have to find the right programme for you.
It is no good asking your family to help unless they are prepared to help you by cooking healthy food. It is outsiders who are often more helpful as they take you on face value.

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