No One Loves Me

by Meghan

My name is Meghan. I am 12 years old and I hate my life. At school I get teased and picked on and everyone tells me I wish I was dead and that they hate me. I had a problem with a girl at school I went up to her and tried to solve the problem and she started a fight with me it was my first fight ever and I hated it. The principle and the vice principle blamed me for the fight. Ever since then the teachers can't even look at me. Everyone blamed me for it when she started it. But that's not my only problem. Also at school I have no friends because everyone to me hates me. At home is the worst, I feel like my parents don't love me I have two other sisters who are angels to my parents. Everyone at home blames me for everything. I get yelled at everyday for no reason. My parents spend no time with me. I keep asking God for my miracle for my life to change the way I want it to be for like 2 years now, but it will never happen.

I do so much for people but they just treat me like crap. I keep telling my self it's gonna change but I'm not sure anymore. Every day I wish a bus or car would run me over or some way I would go to heaven with God. I'm not the kind of girl who would hurt my self because I hate my life. I'm scared of getting a shot at the doctors office why would I hurt myself. I hate me and I can't do anything because I'm young.

I wish I would just wake up one morning and I would be in the world I would want to be in. I would wake up in a beautiful house and I would be a performer because I love to sing and act. I would be skinny and I would have beautiful dark brown curly hair. My parents would love me and I would be an only child. Sounds kind of impossible but I would be Nick Jonas' girlfriend. I would be 18 years old. I would have true friends by my side forever. I wish my life would be like that. Every night I would wish up to God and ask him my would be like that in the morning. I'm still wishing for that but I can't help not hating my life. I cry every night. But I guess I have to keep living this life. If you read this thanks for reading.

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No one loves me- you have hope
by: Anonymous

I have felt that way many times during my life too. My parents like my sisters better. I am an adult now and I realize that the problem is that my gifts and talents are not like my family and they judge me because I am different than them. They do not understand my way of thinking.

The thing you need to focus on is finding people who you are like. Even find adults who are like you. If you notice an adult does not like you, try to find another one. This world is a big place and when you are grown, you can find more people who like what you like. Work hard to find people everyday until you can live out on your own, because those are the people that will become like your family.

When someone hurts you - don't just keep them around unless they stop hurting you. Happy people love themselves and they do that by keeping as many positive people around them as they can. Can you join a group, or church? Sometimes you can meet new people that way. Best of luck to you - I understand your pain.

Do something that makes you happy
by: Anonymous

Life is hard when you are coming into your teens, you feel lonely, out of place, and that everyone is against you. When I was your age I would read books about fantasy worlds that were so much better than this one.

I also had a book I called my hate book. Whenever someone pissed me off or I thought about death and what not I would write in it or draw pictures. It really helped the anger. Don't be afraid to vent, but vent in a healthy way.

by: Anonymous

I have same feelings at age 13. Now I am 22 and a lot more happy and I've got all things. Don't dream big just try to live every moment of life. And ignore all other thing that bug you (like you haven't heard)
My dear this is very precious. Believe in god, I am sure you will get the life you want

No one loves me
by: Anonymous

Someone must love you, look around you have grandparents or other family members who do love you. Have you thought of going to your school counsellor, if there is one at your school.
Everyone goes through periods of not feeling loved or wanted, you are not on your own. As time goes on and you get older, things will change, you will find the activities that you are good at, you will find other people who have felt the same that you do. Look around for someone else who feels the same as you do. Join out of school activities, maybe you will find friends there.
One day you will look back and when you see a child who seems lonely and apart, you will be able to help them. Good Luck.

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