No one in my corner

by paulisha

I'm 41 yrs old and for the past year I've been battling cancer. It's really bad, the doctors told me they can only treat my symptoms they cant cure me.. The problem is all of my so called friends and family have abandoned me. They don't call, never visit, or any thing. I feel so used because I'm the one who always helped everybody. I lent them money let them stay at my house for free, watched their kids, did their hair just supported all of them and now that I'm sick nobody knows me.

I don't have any support, I have a so called boyfriend who never goes with me to any doctor appointment. He doesn't work but leaves me home alone all day by myself. I don't know what to do, I'm going crazy.

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i feel compassion for you.
by: Anonymous


I don't know when you wrote this as there are no dates listed. but I feel the same as you. and I'm married. I am the oldest of 8. I am the only one sick I got sick in my 30s. its been 19 years of daily pain sever pain and crippling joints, loss of kidney and all sort of skin problems. but my siblings don't call, I call them when i can reach them. friends were rude and disrespectful so I left them and spouse is clueless. I am alone. all of my choices I made in life was to avoid ended up alone and that's exactly what I have done.
I have been faced with many adversities for a long time. like you I have always been the one to give and now I need someone there is no one.

people are narcissistic is what I have found. they lack compassion, they are takers. no time for the needy or sick and shut in. it might slow them down. or they might actually have to use some of their precious time. that's why therapists get paid the big bucks. they listen and appear that they care.

I just want to say I am sorry for your diagnosis. and stay hopeful, doctors have been wrong before. try the diets out there. take deep breaths, drink lemon water in the mornings, visit dr day's web site at, she cured herself of cancer. don't stop following dr's orders but look into other options. I will pray for you also. I am a Christian. also get stress out of your life meditate often. find peace and forgiveness in your heart. get exercise and a little sun each day. im rooting for you.

by: Anonymous

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No one in my corner
by: Anonymous

People can be selfish as I well know, they just do not think how they would feel if they were ignored. I think that sometimes people feel that they just do not know how to help and they may think because you have a boyfriend that he will look after you. I think he is also in denial and has no idea of how you are feeling and that how much you need his support;.
It is often outsiders whom you did not expect anything from them who will often step in and give the support that you need. Is there a cancer society or support group in your district, if you get in touch they may come around and help you. What about your church or other organisation that you belonged to? Even the Salvation Army. There will be someone for you if you look for them. My prayers are for you that you find someone who will support. If your boyfriend is a bit selfish maybe you might be better on your own. Just think about it.

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