no confidence

by tina

This is for my brother. He has no friends, doesn't work and he's very lonely. He has to keep repeating himself when he talks, he has to have an exact date when he's going shopping or just out.

When he talks to me he just makes conversation about things like I saw a nice red car coming down the road, and things like that. He is 34. I really want to help him please.

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no confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

I give you credit for wanting to help your brother. I would ask though, has your brother asked for help or is he happy with the way he is?

Sometimes unless a person wants to help himself there's not much that can done.

I am wondering whether your brother is having problems with his reading and writing skills? I suspect this might be part of the problem because of the way you say he forms his sentences when he speaks.

Poor literacy can affect peoples confidence, and often, particularly adults, don't like admitting that they need help, or even that they have a problem.

I have found a website that may be of assistance to you, or give you some idea as to how your brother can be helped.
Click here if you feel this may be his problem.

Would your brother join a club, dancing, walking club, or gym, or some other group where he could meet other people? Perhaps you could go with him initially until he becomes confident with his surroundings.

Encourage him to think positive things about himself, this will in time, give him more confidence.

I hope things improve for him. He is lucky to have such a caring sister.


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