No confidence at ALL

by Amy Fall
(Bronx , NY)

Hi I'm Amy. I'm 15 years old. I really hate myself. My skin tone is dark just like Alek Wek but lighter. I just moved to NY, I'm senegalese + French.

Before I moved to NY, I had a little bit of confidence (well not really) but it's like that since I moved here, I feel UGLY AND NASTY. I have acne, I don't like my reflection, I have big hips. I wanna be confident and feel good about myself. I wanna be able to communicate with people. I'm shy because I have NO CONFIDENCE AT ALL. Someone help me please, this is ruining my life.

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No confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Amy you have a beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes, lovely figure, how can you not see this when you look in the mirror? Open those eyes girl and see yourself with loving thoughts about yourself, and you will see I am right.

The way to be confident about yourself is to stop telling yourself all the negative stuff, that you have no confidence, are ugly and so on. These things are only true because you tell them to yourself.

Time to change your self talk Amy! Time to look in the mirror and say "I have lovely eyes" "I am beautiful". Stop with the negative comments and bring on all the good things about yourself. Say them even though you may not believe them at the moment because the more you say them the sooner you're going to accept them as true. You have to love yourself Amy.

It's really important that you understand you can change how you feel about yourself by how your thoughts are. This is not only true for the way you are now but in everything you do in your life. When you say "I can do this" and try, more often than not you will succeed. A positive attitude will carry you with success throughout your life and will get rid of your low confidence.

There are many products available for acne these days. A healthy eating habit and cleanliness will help clear it over time.

You can do this Amy, good luck.


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