My wife has drained me of my motivation to get back to my career

by Harry

My wife has been suffering from severe low self esteem and insecurities for 25 years due to poor treatment from from her mom and brother's. I have to suffer the consequences of her parents mistreating her.

This is what I told her word for word

I made sacrifices that cripple me and held my career and knowledge back to where I'm having blackouts and memory problems because you don't seem to understand anything that's happening. If I don't take care of my mind, I wouldn't be able to take care of myself. So I'm done being the only one doing all the communicating for 8yrs.

When will you ever return the favor. I feel like you don't have any concern for my well being than I have for you. I'm done pulling you out of your emotional insecurities, low self esteem and lack of confidence in your self. Your mom was right you need serious help.

Its time for me to move on and take care of myself to take care of my daughters future. You are the most ungrateful person I have ever known. You take take take but don't give back what you received.

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Low Self Esteem
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. When someone suffers from low self esteem they are the only one who can help themselves. If your wife hasn't responded to the help you have offered, or attempted to help herself, then you have to make sure your life is they way you want it for yourself and family.

Seeking professional help may be what she needs to enable her to cope. Explain this to her and then let her decide whether she wants to go for help. However it has to be her choice to do this.

You have to take care of your own health. Do this in whatever way your heart tells you is right. Put past hurts and angers behind you because they will drag you down if you keep going over and over them in your mind.

Concentrate on what makes you feel good within, and know that you have to stay motivated to cope. Get back onto your career path and feel good about what you do. Regain the inner strength that has been drained over the past years. This will happen once you begin to do what makes you feel good, and once you have a good attitude towards yourself.

I wish you luck, and I hope you can make your life how you want it to be.


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