(my sisters hate me) After our brother passed away

I am 55 years old. I have always had a close relationship with both of my sisters.

We had one brother. My other sister resented our brother because she felt like our dad did not love her as much because our father now had a son.

My younger sister felt our brother got too much attention from our father.

I loved our brother from the day he was born. When he passed away almost 2 years ago, I did not get a chance to grieve. My two sisters turned their back on me as soon as our brother passed away.

Having our brother pass away was so very sad. My sisters are alive and resent and hate me. I do not know how to handle this kind of loss. I do not understand why this has happened. Can anyone help me?????

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Move on with your life
by: Anonymous

Don't bother. You'll never get an answer. When 2 join ranks against one, it never gets better. I've been living this for 15 years and have now decided to set myself free...

My sisters hate me
by: Anonymous

This is a strange situation, and it needs some clarification. Was it some jealousy or that when your brother passed that some family unity or energy had gone.
When someone leaves a family or work group, there can be changes. This is often due to the way personal possessions may have been distributed. Did your brother marry and have a family? Have you and he been closer than you have been to your sisters?
People do behave in funny ways when there has been a death or a person has left.

I think that you need to do some plain speaking to find out why your sisters are behaving the way they are.

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