My sister hates me

by Evaline
(Belton M.O)

First, I'm 12 years old and she is 16 only like a 3 year and 1 month difference but I feel like we are farther apart and not just in age. I mean I love my sister she is my idol and role model but to her I could be less. I mean she always points out my negatives like if I ask her what she would say about she would say "Hypocrite,anger issues,depressed, quiet,loud, annoying etc... And I don't get it how can I live up to her expectations I will never be the perfect sister unless I am just "Seen not heard or better yet not seen!" less embarrassment for her I mean.

My mom is single, we have different dads, but what did I do for her to be so hostile towards me. I feel horrible when she tells me horrible things about me. I get quiet and she says now your denying your this or that and I think no I'm not. I just hate that I'm this so I try not to cry but the tears slip down and I get cold to my feet and then I feel like dust and something small and I will never add up to anything because I'm WORTHLESS!

I feel like she hates me for being born, she accuses me of being this negative girl but I get it because all she says is negative things about me nothing positive. I mean at school I'm happy but when I get home I feel depressed for I know she is waiting to say something else mean I just wish I knew why she hated me:'(PLEASE HELP BEFORE I FEEL THE NEED TO END THIS ALL WITH ONE SNAP OF MY FINGER:'(

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I hope this helps
by: Anonymous

Why don't you tell her how you feel? Let her know that she's really hurting you and that you really look up to her and all you want is for her to accept you.

Now that may or may not work, and I know you're young so this might be hard to understand right now, but teenagers, especially around your sister's age, can have the tendancy to be really mean, it's almost like a phase that most kids go through during their adolescent years. And remember it's perfectly normal for siblings around you and your sister's age range to not get along, and unfortunately the older brother or sister tends to be a bit of a bully sometimes, trust me I know, I happen to be a big brother myself and I used to mess with my little brother sometimes when I was younger, but one thing that I can almost guarantee is that as you both get older you'll start to get along better.

Anyway, for the time being just try to tell her how you feel, and maybe try not to hold back those tears so much, if she sees that she's hurting you then hopefully she'll be able to see how poorly she's been treating you and start treating you better.

And lastly, don't keep your emotions bottled up inside, talk to your mom, or even a friend. Try to keep your chin up, and trust me things will make much more sense when you get a little older, feel better kiddo :-)

Sister problems
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. There are very often problems within families when children are growing up and going through teenage years. I know this probably doesn't help you feel any better, but all this bad feeling should pass as you both mature.

I have four sisters and we were always arguing and saying horrible things to each other but as we grew older we became best friends, and so I am sure over time things will improve.

I would like to say though you don't have to live up to her expectations, you should live up to your own expectations and not change to suit someone else. Always stay true to yourself. When someone has a problem with you, it is there problem not yours.

When your sister says horrible things to you it is how you react that is causing your unhappiness. Can you see that if you were to smile and agree with what she says (but not believe it)you would save yourself an awful lot of sadness?

You know, because you are happy at school and have friends, that you aren't this girl she makes you out to be. Maybe she has doubts and fears, or is not happy and takes it out on you.

Keep telling yourself lots of positive stuff about the way you are, and don't believe the negative things she says about you, see that for some reason she feels the need to hurt you. As she matures she should be able to control these hurtful comments.


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