my sister dosnt like mme

She is constantly picking on me and can't live without it, although about 6 months ago before my parents divorce there was almost no problem. She is 13 I'm 11, plus we have a little sister who is 10 so I'm stuck in the middle. It totally stinks. So it's hard, she also gets physical some times and when she does it hurts !!!

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My sister does not like me.
by: Anonymous

You are only thirteen and how old is your sister.
You have been through an emotional time with the splitting of your parents and both of them are in turmoil. I think that you need to tell your mother or a close relative who understands what is happening.

Your sister needs help too and she is venting her anger and helplessness on to you. If you have a counsellor at your school to whom you could talk it would be a help but I advise you to find someone near to you who could help if your mother is too upset to do it.

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