My Personal Growth Is Rooted In Memory Lane

by Kathleen James

An inspiration for my personal growth is, without doubt, my parents. Their cup was always half full, if not running over!

They were always happy, and optimistic. I don't remember them being negative about anything. They always seemed to see a silver lining in any situation, and keep positive attitudes.

In 1967 my father was diagnosed with throat cancer. Throughout this time he was an inspiration to us all. His voice box was removed, and he decided this was not going to stop him talking!

He spent ages learning to speak again, and managed to say words by burping, and forming this sound into a word. I don't know how he managed to do this.

The hospital called him 'the miracle man.' I believe treatment for this form of cancer has improved since back then.

My father even went back to work for a couple of years, but of course, cancer sometimes returns, as it did with him, and he died in 1971. He stayed positive, and determined until the end, and when I look back, I am still amazed at his courage.

My sisters and I were encouraged in a positive, loving, way. We always felt safe and secure. We knew we were loved. This is a good grounding for a strong personal growth, isn't it?

It's important to know that you are loved, don't you think? This gives us confidence, and helps make us strong.

I always try to stay positive, although it's not always easy is it, with the troubles that are going on in the world today.

I enjoy positive affirmations, and have made up some really good ones to suit my circumstances. These help me to feel good again when things aren't going the way i'd hoped.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of sharing in this way. I have enjoyed my walk down memory lane!

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Personal Growth Is Shaped By Our Parents
by: Kay

Our personal growth is shaped by our family environment without us realizing, until we grow into adulthood isn't it?

Often, it's only as we look back, that we see in which way we have been guided.

Thank you for your sharing your story with us Kathleen.

I am sure you will have started an avalanche of inspirational memories that our visitors will share with us. At least I certainly hope so!

Love light and rainbows,


Totally Inspirational
by: PatriciaAnonymous

I find this story totally inspirational and enjoy coming to this site.

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