my parents dont let me do anything!!!!!!!


I'm 11 years old its only my stupid dad he doesn't buy me anything not even a slurpie is the grumpiest on my birthday, calls me a brat he doesn't even let me eat a snack I HATE MY DAD!!!

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my pare nts do not let me do anything.
by: Anonymous

You are still very young but time will pass and life will become easier as you become aware of what you are capable of doing. Is there a family member who is sympathetic and who will listen to you. Ask them to help you. Have you school counsellors you could go to for assistance or anyone at your church who could speak to your father and make him aware of what harm he is doing to you. Maybe he has problems that are causing him to be like he is, and he does not realise what he has done to you.

You will get older and as you become more independent and your life changes, then you will know what your abilities and talents are.
In the meantime find someone who will listen and who will help you.

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