My out look on life.

by Taeyler
(Iowa, United states)

Hello. I am Taeyler. I am almost 16. I feel that I am never happy with my life or myself, & a lot of teenagers feel this way. My dad was pretty much never in the picture, still barely is. He's an alcoholic. I live with my mom and her boyfriend, they also both have problems with pills and alcohol and drugs, etc.

I have always basically found my own ways to get my necessities, clean clothes, shampoo, and those little things most people have. She constantly puts me down, I feel half the time I'm her mom because she only has clothes because of me, only has cleaning stuff because of my friends, and I know she loves me, but just yeah I don't know.

I have a bad reputation from my past. I have a lot of friends, but most of them also think negatively and put themselves down, or me down. I constantly feel everything is going wrong, my weight, my home life, school, friends, acne, feeling lonely, lost. I have depression, anxiety, binge eating disorder, & already have stomach problems, neck problems and back problems due to stress. Now I know most of the things that make me stressed out are all things I can't really change unless I want all new friends, which is very hard to do at a junior in high school, when I basically know everyone already.

The home life thing, well I've put up with it my whole life, 2 more years and I can leave, I don't want DHS involved. So basically I want help improving my outlook on life, my thoughts, my self esteem. I always think negatively, I try to think positive and when I do, I get let down, so then I ultimately stay thinking negative. I don't know what to do, I know it's no one else's fault, and only I can control it, so I really want help. I've tried meds, for depression and all that, I've tried counselors, all that several times, several meds, several counseling sessions, my whole life since I was 8. Nothing helps. I sound pathetic, and I don't know, I just feel I can't do this on my own. Please help?

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My outlook on life.
by: Anonymous

A lot of the people who e mail to Positive Personal Growth do so because they have some problem that they cannot find answers to.
You are an individual, you do not have to make the choices made by your family, you can do better than that and you have realised that you can make a life of your own.
You have to accept your family as they are but you can reach out and meet other people who are more positive and can help you reach your goals. Away from your family, people will accept you on face value, it is what you are as a person that matters not for anything that you do or own. You have principles, you have dignity and you have ambition to be a lot better than you perceive yourself as.
Circumstances do change and one day a break will come along and you can go with it.

by: Kay

You appear to know how you want to be in your life, and you say you make the effort but things still don't go right for you. You have to keep on keeping on and not give up. This is what life is all about. Sometimes things go right and sometimes they don't. The important thing is to pick yourself up every time you get knocked back.

The only person who can help change your life is you. The change has to come from within you and you do this by allowing the right thoughts to come in your mind. You can choose those thoughts and so when one comes in that you don't want, get rid of it and replace it with something positive, such as "I can do this". The thoughts you have will make you how you are, and so it is important not to react to the bad thoughts because once you accept them into your mind they stay there, and then you will think and rethink them and each time you will be upset by them. So much better to rethink good stuff don't you agree?

You can start now simply by saying good things to yourself. "I am confident, I am happy, I love myself". Only you can do this, no one can do it for you, as I have said earlier, to change your life the change has to come from within.

With determination I am positive you can do this. The ball is in your court.

Good luck.


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